Paying It Forward

 An event update for Mark’s Place Healthy is Beautiful Event October 13, 2013

With a little over 2 weeks to go, and the final team registrations coming in, it’s almost show time for this year’s event.  We have over 30 teams registered with a lot of new additions. 

First of all, I want to thank the teams and individuals who participated in the Mark’s Place Healthy is Beautiful 10k event the past two years.  The proceeds went through Movers and Shakers Against Parkinsons to the Union Hospital HealthPlex. Under the Leadership of Rick Cole, and direction of Jeremy Klaserner, the UH HealthPlex has produced the yUHr Move! Exercise Therapy Program benefiting those with several movement disorders which include Parkinsons, ALS, MS, and stroke patients.  There are over 50 of your T Valley family, friends, and neighbors currently benefiting from this twice a week class.  Nick and Lucas are PT gurus!  I wish everyone who has made this possible could stop in and see the hope, energy, and excitement generated from the HealthPlex staff and the patients sweating there way to a better future.  Your investment has paid for the specialized training, and other class costs to offer this FREE to all participants. 

2012-10-07 at 13-56-35.jpg

One of the most exciting outcomes of the yUHr Move! class has been the willingness of the class participants to join, and or donate to this years event.  We have 3 family teams alone with direct connections to yUHr Move! accounting for over 60 participants and thousands of dollars.  Many others have, or plan to make, significant donations to our event, which is in effect paying it forward.  This will fund future training, equipment, and class costs for others with movement disorders.  This is seeing people at their best, suffering adversity they rise above it to help others.  I am honored to get to know them and appreciate their generosity.

Other race notes include the addition of 3 road bike routes of 10, 21, or 36 miles.  These will start between noon and 2:00 on race day with the option of returning by 3:00 to volunteer, participate in, or just enjoy watching the 10k run/walk event.  Joe Williams and the Still Water Blue Grass Band will be live before and after the event.  Bistro 131 and Beacon Point are preparing food.  New Dawn is donating chocolate milk and Tastee Apple will be making up the famous caramel apples.  First Baptist of NP is sending a cleanup crew Saturday October 12,  Buckeye Sports Medicine Class has over 20 student volunteers coming, but can anyone promise sunny and 65? 

2012-10-07 at 13-39-30.jpg

I also want to give a shout out to our teams, sponsors, and individuals registered for the event working hard to raise money for Movers and Shakers for future movement disorder care at Union Hospital.  Here is where we stand as of this moment: (These numbers are preliminary projections based on team registrations and verbal commitments that constantly change as donations come in.)

  • Our Platinum Sponsors contributing $10,000+
    • Wells Fargo Advisors and Scott and Jen Luikart
    • Progressive Foam Technologies and the Culpepper family
    • Mark’s Place salon|spa
  • Our likely Sapphire Sponsors contributing $2,500+
    • Dover-Phila Federal Credit Union
    • In Memory of Gust Arbogast Team
    • Brickhouse Fitness, (Bill Murphy and Wanda Harr friends and family)
  • Our potential Ruby Sponsors with likely contributions of $1,500+
    • First National Bank of Dennison
    • Baltic Bank
    • Buckeye Career Center
    • Claymont Schools
    • Dover City Schools
    • Garaway Schools
    • Indian Valley Schools
    • Tusky Valley Schools
    • Tuscarawas Central Catholic
    • Dover Hydraulics
    • Fenton Bros Electric
    • Hasseman Marketing
    • New Phila Kiwanis Club
    • New Phila Lions Club
    • Park Street Pizza
    • Pissocra Mathias Realty
    • Rea and Associates
    • Run For Home ½ Marathon
    • Tabor Ridge Community Church
    • Tusc County Health Dept
    • Twin City Hospital
    • Union Hospital
    • Wendy’s Restaurant on the Boulevard
    • Team Poppy (Steve Henry friends and family)
    • Community Hospice of Tusc, Stark and Carrol
    • Wet & Wild Pools and Spas
  • Honorable Mentions to $500+ donors
    • ProVia Door
    • Ember Complete Care
    • New Phila Rotary
    • Bill and Linda Stokey

* My apologies to any I missed. Thanks to countless, unnamed team captains, donors, and volunteers working hard to make this event happen.  It’s all those little things that make the whole work.

All of these individuals deserve our thanks and business’ our patronage.  You can donate directly, or through many of our teams above.  Donations can be made to a team by credit card online at, (You also can see a more complete list of donors here.) Any payment method is accepted at Mark’s Place salon|spa, checks accepted at Wells Fargo Advisors in New Phila, or mail a check to Mark’s Place 715 Cookson Ave. SE, New Phila 44663. 

Make out checks to Movers and Shakers Against Parkinsons of Tusc. County. Movers and Shakers is a tax deductable 501(C) (3)  # 35-2281254



More information available at

Press on!
Mark Luikart, race director
330-447-6275 cell or text

Mark's Place Healthy is Beautiful 10k event 2013

We are so excited to announce the third year of this Movers and Shakers Against Parkinson’s Event. Movers and Shakers will be raising funds to benefit the development and implementation of world class movement disorder care at Union Hospital.

The equipment and specialized training funded by the event will be directed to Parkinson's Disease patients, however the equipment and training can also be used to provide treatment for MS, Stroke, ALS, and others. Similar programs are being developed at the Cleveland Clinic and in a few other major metropolitan areas, but can be made available here also with the proper training and equipment. Hundreds of local Parkinson’s patients and others will have access to treatments developed from cutting edge research for the first time right here at Union Hospital Healthplex. In fact, Movers and Shakers is using money raised from our past two events to sponsor the YUHR Move! Program currently offered at Union Hospital Healthplex.

This unique fall event will be again held at Schoenbrunn Village State Memorial at the peak of leaf season. The 10k event is literally a Sunday afternoon walk (or run) in the park. There are possible distances of 1, 2, 4, and 6 miles. The event is professionally timed and is part of the Subway Challenge SEries. Families, non-profit groups, and corporate teams make up the majority of the field, but many individuals enter also. The food, live bluegrass music and race pack will be top shelf.

The Healthy is Beautiful event is being presented asa group or corporate outing that compliments a healthy living program. Companies, organizations, and other teams of 12 or more participants get their own logo on the front of their Dry-Fit Tees to show the community that their team puts feet behind their community involvement efforts. We emphasize group participation over just financial sponsorships.

This year’s registration fee of $30 pays our vendors and covers all our costs. We are asking each participant to set a minimum fundraising goal of $100 for Movers and Shakers.

Sponsors may choose to help participants in their fundraising, pay the entry fees or choose other options. Fundraising efforts will be tracked for individuals, companies and teams with prizes and special recognition to the winners.

Registered Volunteers and Cheerleaders are considered participants. Every participant pays the same $30 registration fee, will receive identical gift packs and are asked to set the same minimum fundraising goals. Volunteering or Cheerleading is a great way for those who can’t walk or run to join the fun and help our cause!

Teams are encouraged to have an honorary captain with Parkinson’s or another movement disorder participate with their team. This can be an employee, friend, parent or client--anyone with a connection to the team.

With the help of Union Hospital we are planning on 1,000 participants raising $100,000 for Movers and Shakers to benefit Union Hospital’s Movement Disorder Care.

Help us bring world-class movement disorder care to Tuscarawas County!